Spartan Grain Mill Demolition

Client/Owner:  Snyder Investments, LLC
Location: Spartanburg, SC

Snyder Investments, LLC located in Spartanburg, SC, contracted Clear Site Industrial to demolish 4 multiple story buildings, including a 10 story feed mill structure. Prior to demolition CSI, installed safety and engineering controls, such as underground utility protection, erosion control, dust control, fencing, barricades and utility disconnects. CSI crews hand demolished and separated steel and concrete between structures to remain and buildings contracted for demolition. Once separation was completed, operators with hydraulic excavators equipped with specialized attachments systematically demolished 3 buildings and  storage tanks. The feed mill structure was then tripped using hydraulic excavators and steel cabling.  The 10 story structure was successfully and without incident brought down to manageable size for excavators to complete demolition process. The final phase of the project involved removing and recycling all concrete slabs, underground concrete storage and fine grading of the entire site.

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Fidelity Investments Office Renovation

Client: McDonald York General Contractors
Owner: Fidelity Investments
Location: Morrisville, NC

Clear Site Industrial was contracted to remove all interior improvements  and complete asbestos abatement at two buildings on the Fidelity campus totaling more than 400,000 square feet. Materials removed included raised flooring, floor coverings, ceilings, non structural partitions, conduit, wiring and duct work.  CSI maintained a crew of as many as 65 men to complete this project successfully on an aggressive 9 week schedule.  CSI personnel completed this project without a single recordable or lost time accident.


JDHOW Plant Asbestos Abatement

Client: Taylor Murphy General Contractors
Owner: JDHOW
Location: Greenville, SC

Clear Site Industrial was contracted and  successfully completed the removal of asbestos materials from 200,000+ square feet of warehouse buildings. Asbestos containing materials included 80,000 sf of transite roofing panels, 17,000 square feet of built up roofing, 1000+ linear feet of TSI, 45,000 square feet of sheetrock and 15,000+ square feet of floor tile and mastic.  In addition, CSI removed all PCB ballasts, MH and florescent lights from entire facility. This project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.


CPCC Van Every Building Demolition & Asbestos Abatement

Client: Rodgers Builders
Owner: Central Piedmont Community College
Location: Charlotte, NC


West Morgan Apartments Demolition & Asbestos Abatement

Client: Samet Corporation
Location: Raleigh, NC


Parkdale Mills Plant Renovation

Client: Shelco
Owner: Parkdale Mills
Location: Gafney, SC


Whitestone Demolition & Asbestos Abatement

Client: LCS Development / Rodgers Builders
Owner: Whitestone Masonic & Eastern Star Community
Location: Greensboro, NC


Main @ Washington Demolition

Client: Harper Corporation
Location: Greenville, SC


BB&T Main Asbestos Abatement

Client: Kirkland / Weaver Cooke JV
Owner: City of Greensboro
Location: Greensboro, NC