Asbestos Abatement

Given the potential health risks associated with asbestos, contractor selection is extremely important. Clear Site Industrial is an industry leader for asbestos abatement projects. If you have project with an Asbestos problem “We are the Right Team for you”. Our wealth of knowledge and experience assures you a safe and highest quality job. We have extensive experience in commercial, educational, and government buildings.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement

Most structures built before 1960 contain heavily leaded paint, and some structures built as recently as 1978 may also contain lead paint. The lead was placed in the paint as a way to make it last longer. Tiny pieces of peeling or chipping lead paint are dangerous if eaten. Lead paint in good condition is not usually a problem except in places where surfaces rub together and create dust, Lead dust that is inhaled is a serious health hazard. We have successfully employed a variety of proven lead abatement techniques that include; chemical stripping, component removal, stabilization, encapsulation and wet blasting.

Mold Remediation

The adverse effect from mold and related indoor air quality issues has become one of today’s more sensitive environmental concerns. Health, safety and liability issues associated with mold have all been magnified in recent years, resulting in increased awareness by those affected, and increased liability to those responsible. At CSI, we understand these issues, and can provide relief. Accurate record keeping, strict adherence to protocol, and highly skilled technicians performing the remedial activities are the reasons Clear Site Industrial is your best choice for mold remediation.